Check Out Our New Classic Cotton Knicker!


The team at ABE know knickers. With collective experience from years in the industry we know how to make and develop perfectly clever knickers. Women designing for women. We listen to what women want. We particularly listen to what they don’t want and we design knickers to please you all.

All women agree that comfortable knickers are a priority. We also want them to look great. So, we developed The Knicker. What The Knicker promises, it delivers.

The Knicker wont ride up. Its clever design and fabric combination work hand in hand to ensure The Knicker stays exactly where it should. The Knicker stretches to fit so there is no uncomfortable restriction. Our especially designed fabrics and laces are super soft, super stretchy and light.

The Knicker has no pantylines. We all hate panty lines, so we have engineered styles with very fine elastics and equally fine stitching which ensures that there are no thick ridges to show through your clothes. Or in the Precision and Precision Lace knickers there no elastics at all. The unique fabric is designed to sculpt your bottom without the need for thick elastics.

The Knicker; the most comfortable, invisible, silkiest knickers.

Very clever knickers.


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